Nanomaterials, Catalysis, Electrochemistry


Here is a Youtube movie describing some of our research, made at the occasion of the Lab insigh event.

Synthesis, shaping, and large-scale production of nanomaterials

nanotube reactorThis entails the synthesis of inorganic, carbon, and composite materials by sol-gel process, as well as the production of carbon nanotubes by catalytic chemical vapour deposition (CCVD). Depending on the applications, a shaping in the form of powders, films, beads, monoliths, etc. is carried out. We notably have expertise in the design and development of continuous processes for the manufacturing of materials and their scaling-up.

Selected papers and achievements

Characterization of nanomaterials

gel nanostructureIn the field of micro and mesoporous materials, we are experienced notably with vapor adsorption-desorption measurements and intrusion porosimetry. Our expertise spans both experimental aspects and the development of materials-specific data analysis procedures. We are also experienced with synchrotron Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) for in situ analysis of nanometer-scale phenomena, and with the development of image analysis algorithms to quantitate 2D and 3D electron micrographs.

Selected papers and achievements

Applications of nanomaterials in catalysis, electrochemistry and separation

photocatalysis Our expertise concerns notably the development of catalytic and photocatalytic processes. In the field of electrochemistry, our main applications are batteries (electrode materials) and fuel cells (electrocatalysts). Another typical application is flue gas and waste water treatments by adsorption, catalysis and photocatalysis. The specificity of our group lies in its capacity to handle all aspects of these types of problems by a transversal approach that encompasses both materials science and chemical reaction engineering aspects.

Selected papers and achievements

  • Development of mineral adsorbing material Minsorb® 1 and of doped mineral material Minsorb® 3+ for the removal of dioxins/furans and mercury in dry flue gas treatment, with licence exclusivity given to Lhoist S.A..
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